Eastyle face recognition temperature measurement system

Eastyle Face Recognition temperature measuring system is particularly suitable for installation and application in highly secure areas. It has unique advantages for places that need to strictly control the access of unauthorized personnel. Meanwhile, it can keep records for those who have access to the computer room.

Face recognition temperature measurement system can set access control and open door permissions for all personnel, and can also be set through remote monitoring software. It can record and support the export of print work log, which displays the name, photo, door number and time of entry and exit, etc.

Face recognition temperature measurement system can be equipped with emergency exit locks next to the face access control.The door is in a closed state. In case of emergency, the door can be opened from the inside to escape from the outside, and an alarm can be generated in the system at the same time. Only a special key is used to cancel the alarm.

In order to ensure the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the face recognition access control system, a UBS standby power supply is installed in the access control department for the face recognition access control system selected in the computer room to ensure the normal application of the equipment in case of power failure.

The face recognition temperature measurement system has the following functions:

1. Adopt the efficient, fast and stable Heyman chip to carry Android 7.1 system, and match the domestic leading face recognition algorithm and access control management system at the same time, take advantage of the uniqueness of the face, directly brush the face to open the door;

2. In order to ensure safety, infrared temperature measurement function is added. Abnormal body temperature will be immediately reported to the police and refused to enter.

3. Convenient operation process, no need to configure card issuing machine, IC card, etc., no trouble of loss and damage, no maintenance costs.

4. It has the function of limiting out and setting, at the same time, dividing the authority to manage, supporting two or more people to identify and open the door.

5. At the same time, face recognition access control machine supports the use of multiple networks and unified management through the background.When the network mode is adopted, the status of door, lock, access operation and alarm can be monitored in real time.

6. Automatically record the log record of face management and use.