Face recognition temperature measurement improves the humanized service quality

Compared with other artificial temperature measurement methods, the advantages of intelligent temperature detection face recognition terminal are quite obvious.

As far as we know, at present, many public places cannot prevent and control the epidemic without face recognition thermometer to complete the efficient intelligent temperature detection of floating people, improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and reduce the risk of infection, so as to better assist the government and disease control departments to do the corresponding epidemic prevention and control

As is known to all, now comes as foreign outbreak period, if not for scientific prevention and control, entry points of overseas, airports and other places will probably become the new outbreak, at present, more than the national provinces and cities have been reported entry input confirmed cases, exactly shows the outside input form is serious, which makes China faces overseas outbreak of treated input risk become an urgent problem.

In this regard, Eastylemedical solution that provides a good wisdom epidemic prevention through will be deployed in face recognition temperature entrance guard all-in-one points of overseas, ports, airports and other ports of entry and exit, and hospitals, communities, schools, government agencies, major transport hub, such as focus inward and outward, an analysis of the temperature detection and intelligent traffic personnel, once the body when the surface temperature anomalies or pre-set alarm temperature, will be issued a warning sound to prompt staff have suspected cases.

But only can test temperature is not enough, if we can for rapid screening of temperature at the same time, can detect personnel to be scanned for identity and health code

validation, screening out health and epidemic prevention code can be quickly, help provide data to support the government's handling of relevant public security incidents, build outbreak tracing system of closed loop.

Based on this, Eastylemedical also launched docking with the national health code platform complete data of facial temperature measuring device, can be in the right to wear a mask of scenarios, non-contact precision of temperature measurement, identification and health code recognition, face recognition temperature measuring terminal can be completed various scenarios of intelligent temperature measurement, scanning health code validation, can effectively improve the quality of personalized service.

In general, the temperature measurement terminal of face recognition is not only the combination of thermal imaging accurate temperature measurement technology and visible face recognition technology, but also has its own unique elements.

As can be seen as an intelligent alternative version of face recognition entrance guard attendance, with live detection function, can intelligent processing backlight, backlight, have no sense living detection function, can recognize pictures, video, and mask anti-counterfeiting, support face facial temperature measurement, face recognition temperature + entrance guard, face temperature + attendance, face temperature + identity authentication, face temperature + id + health code validation, and other works, meet the demand of diversification.

The application of intelligent face recognition temperature measurement equipment can not only automatically eliminate the factors that interfere with human body temperature measurement, only for the frontal part of the face temperature measurement, and real-time temperature display on the all-in-one machine screen, really achieve the instant visibility of the face and temperature, to solve the original thermal imaging temperature measurement only see the temperature does not see the person's shortcomings.