Face recognition temperature measurement system is used in public system

"Your temperature is normal, please get on the bus." When you hear this sentence, you can safely get on the bus.

The epidemic, which has lasted for more than half a year, has made everyone who is away from home feel very careful. When they go out in public places or take public transport, they will feel relieved to hear that their body temperature is normal.

More and more buses are being fitted with face-recognition thermometers for pilot runs.
A LCD screen is set at the front door of the vehicle. When passengers insert COINS, swipe CARDS or scan codes, their face temperature can be measured at the same time, and their temperature can be displayed on the screen. If passengers do not wear masks, voice prompts will be given, and the data will be uploaded to the background in real time, and can be traced if necessary.After the temperature is measured, the passenger's body temperature will appear on the electronic display of the thermometer.

For passengers with normal body temperature, the instrument will report "normal body temperature". When the passenger's body temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, the instrument will issue a continuous "drip" alarm and report "abnormal body temperature" to remind the driver and fellow passengers, so as to facilitate joint supervision and prevention.Without having to get up many times to manually measure the temperature for passengers, the driver can focus on the operation and reduce the close contact between the driver and passengers。

The device will also record the temperature information of passengers in the background to help trace the source of epidemic prevention.If necessary, it can also combine with the bus traceability system to find the information of the vehicle, driver and fellow passengers.

One of the core technologies used in the bus face recognition thermometer is face recognition and forehead detection algorithm, which has been put into use as early as March and April this year.Under the condition of wearing a mask, it can precisely lock the forehead area for human body measurement and face recognition.If you are interested in face recognition technology, you can leave your contact information, we will send more information to you