What are the advantages of facial recognition temperature detectors?

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused problems in personnel access supervision and temperature monitoring for school companies. The manual registration speed is relatively slow and the data information is prone to errors, which is likely to cause crowds to gather.
     Eastyle Technology has launched a face recognition temperature detector integrating face recognition and infrared induction thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, achieving the infrared temperature sensor + face recognition + overtemperature warning function, and promoting school companies to quickly control and prevent safety production.

What are the advantages of face recognition thermometers?

Non-contact infrared induction temperature measurement, one-meter temperature measurement range;

Intelligent dynamic face recognition attendance temperature measurement, to prevent fingerprint clocking caused by latent infection;

The measurement temperature error value is within ±0.3℃, and 0.5s realize the face brush temperature measurement to achieve correct and rapid temperature measurement.

When the temperature exceeds 37.3℃, the intelligent alarm reminds the user to cooperate with the access control equipment to prevent entry and improve the control, prevention and supervision;

Temperature data information and face recognition image records are stored in the cloud software, convenient for managers to query at any time;

A variety of installation mode, placed on the desktop or with a column or with a gate can also be wall-mounted, fully meet the user's various needs;

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